How To Do A Massage - Step By Step Tips

How To Do A Massage - Step By Step Tips

To relax the body and carry out prevention of muscle tissue, it is recommended to regularly visit a doctor for a massage.This is the most effective method of physiological treatment. In the article we will talk about the types of procedures and how to do a massage at home. At you will get all the best experience of massage.

Main directions

  1. Classical. Designed for rehabilitation. So stimulate the lymphatic system. The procedure does not differ pleasant sensations. During treatment, metabolic products are removed from the tissues Before the massage, the muscles of the body must be warmed up, and at the end they are relaxed with their clapping movements of the hands.
  2. Regenerating. The main goal is to relax the body after heavy physical exertion. After the procedure, there is a feeling of a surge of energy and mood for the working day. Such a massage for a greater effect is accompanied by muffled light and light music. Practice the use of warm stones that are placed on the body after the procedure.
  3. Therapeutic. Specific technology aimed at restoring the health of individual parts of the body. It is used as a prophylaxis for people with musculoskeletal disorders or problems with coordination. This direction of massage is considered an important step in the recovery of the body after serious injuries.
  4. Thai. During such a massage, aromatic oils are used, which influence the overall feeling of the procedure. This technique is designed to restore and relax.
  5. Spot. The specific direction of the massage. It is done using only the fingertips, activating the sensitive points of the body. Can only perform a specialist or doctor. Independently master the technique will be difficult.
  6. Anti-cellulite. Massage medical direction. It differs in a rather painful process, but with a decent effect. With regular visits to this procedure, get rid of excess accumulation of subcutaneous fat.

How to do a classic massage?

The classic direction of massage is the most ancient. It is easy to master at home. It is enough to use the methods of squeezing, vibration, stroking, grinding and kneading. All this helps to relax the body and recover from stress.

During the procedure, focus on the general condition of the patient. He should feel comfortable and relaxed. It is worth beginning massage with the soft and smoothing receptions. Each time they increase the intensity of their movements and apply light strokes and pressure.

It is best to start from the back, and then go to the legs and neck. Spend time on those parts of your body that have been subjected to greater <a href="">physical exertion</a>. The most important thing is the vector of hand movements. You need to lead palms toward the lymph nodes.

Anticellulite massage

This procedure is used to lose weight and restore the body as a whole. To master the technique at home, learn the following nuances:

  • Use light and smooth movements with a gradual increase in intensity;
  • Before the procedure, prepare the muscles by warming up;
  • during the massage, you should use special cellulite creams or oils with the same effect;
  • hold your palms on the body should always be upwards;
  • It is best to do this before bedtime or after waking up.
  • Note that the intensity of the movements depends on the place where the massage is performed. Stiffer movements are used on the buttocks, and smooth and gradual movements on the abdomen. It is also recommended to “bypass” the damaged skin areas in order not to injure them even more.

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